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Bridging the Language Gap

About Us

We are a group of qualified freelance language professionals with translation experience in your language in the following fields: commerce, administration, transport, law, human rights, economics, engineering, IT, marketing and literature, amongst others.

We translate only into our native languages, because the quality of work we deliver will harbour no imperfections. And because existing competence is not enough, we continually strive to deepen our knowledge of our languages and areas of speciality, drawing on the collective expertise of the group so as to benefit from each and every member’s talent and experience.

We work with all the major languages of Switzerland and international Geneva: English, French, German and Spanish.

Our Services

Our language services include translation, proofreading, editing, copywriting, glossary compilation and subtitling.

Why Choose GTGE?

Professionalism and experience: We are qualified, experienced translation professionals.

Personal contact: You are guaranteed direct contact with the translator working on your text.

Flexibility: We work when you need us to.

Integrated language services: We deliver a fully finished product.

Our Rates

Quotes: free!

Translation (per line- 55 characters, including spaces):
> from 3.20 CHF (basic rate) to 4.20 CHF (specialized texts)
> minimal rate: 50 CHF

Hourly rate (translation, editing, copywriting): 100 CHF

Surcharges (urgent work and weekends): +50% to +100%

English – French – German – Spanish
Translation – Proofreading – Editing – Copywriting – Terminology – Subtitling | 28, rte de Chancy | CH-1213 Petit-Lancy| Switzerland | +41 (0)22 552 57 99

We close distances and build understanding.