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GTGE Terms & Conditions


1. The present Terms and Conditions apply to all privities between the freelance translators who make up The Geneva Translators’ Group (GTGE) and the Client, GTGE not being a legal entity.

Quotes & Orders

2. Quotes are drawn up without obligation and include all applicable taxes. The amount on the final invoice may vary from that quoted by 10%, either greater or less.

3. The contract is considered to be concluded and the Terms & Conditions accepted when the Client accepts in writing (via letter, fax or email) the quote issued by the designated translator (henceforth, the Translator).

4. In the absence of a quote, the contract is considered to be concluded and the Terms & Conditions accepted when the Translator receives a written order from the Client.

5. In the case of large mandates, the Translator reserves the right to request partial or complete advance payment before commencing or pursuing an order.

6. In case of a significant modification made to the order by the Client after acceptance of the quote, the Translator may modify the price and time frame accordingly.
In case of disagreement on the principle, time frame or price of the modified contract, payment for all work completed before the modification request is due to the Translator, including any expenses incurred. 

7. If an order is cancelled by the Client, he/she must pay for the work completed by the Translator up to the date the cancellation is received, as well as an indemnity calculated on the standard hourly rate for the research work already carried out.

8. Any formatting work is invoiced in addition to translation costs based on the predetermined hourly rate available on the GTGE website.


9. The Translator is committed to protecting the confidentiality of the texts and data provided by the Client.


10. Texts are delivered at no cost by either email or, if required, by priority mail.

11. The Translator is in no case responsible for the loss of any documents sent by mail, nor for any loss or damage that this may involve as a consequence.

12. All documents are considered delivered to the Client as from their send date, whether sent by email, surface mail, fax or courier.

13. All data sent by email is considered delivered when the email provider displays the send confirmation screen.

14. Insofar as is possible and upon request, the Client will supply information on the text to be translated, along with the documentation and terminological indications available to him/her. If this information is supplied to the Translator later than indicated, delivery of the translation will be delayed by the same amount of time.

Rates & Payment

15. Unless otherwise stated, translation rates are calculated on the basis of a standard line of source text, one standard line containing 55 characters, including spaces.

16. The standard unit rates appear on the GTGE website and may be sent via email upon request. They do not include taxes.

17. Any Translator subject to VAT will inform the Client of this when the order is placed. 

18. Unless otherwise stated, editing and terminology are invoiced according to an hourly rate.

19. A minimum amount may be charged for each order.

20. Standard rates may be increased by surcharges of 50% for urgent work, which requires the Translator’s immediate availability in order to meet volume and time requirements.
An additional surcharge of 50% may apply to mandates which require the Translator to work at night, on the weekend or on a public holiday.

21. Invoices must be paid to the net amount, in Swiss francs, within 30 calendar days from the date of the invoice.

Intellectual Property

22. The Client guarantees the Translator’s protection against any third party claim for any violation of ownership rights, copyright, patent or any other intellectual property rights in relation to the execution of the mandate.


23. The Client must inform the Translator in writing of any dispute concerning the work delivered as soon as possible, and at the latest within ten working days from the date of delivery of the order. No dispute alleviates the Client’s obligation of payment.

24. Where the dispute is founded – quality obviously insufficient, e.g. incorrect translation, misleading translation, recurrent spelling and grammatical errors –, the Translator promises to correct the document within a reasonable time frame. Where the Translator is unable to satisfy the Client’s requirements within reason in regards to the work to be completed, the Translator may agree to a reduction in fees.

Responsibility & Guarantee

25. The Translator acts independently and is responsible for his/her own work.

26. The Translator may only be held responsible for damages which are the obvious and direct result of an oversight or negligence on his/her part. Under no circumstances may the Translator be held responsible for any other form of damages such as deteriorations, delays or loss of earnings. The Translator’s responsibility may under no circumstances exceed the gross sum of the invoice for the order in question.

27. GTGE does not possess a legal status and may under no circumstances be held legally responsible.


28. Where the Client fails to fulfil his/her financial obligations, including bankruptcy, extension of deadline for payment or liquidation of the Client’s business, the Translator reserves the right to partially or entirely terminate the contract with immediate effect or to postpone its execution without being subject to any form of compensation. Moreover, the Translator may demand immediate payment of the amount owing to him/her.

29. Where the Translator is no longer able to complete an order due to circumstances beyond his/her control, he/she nonetheless maintains the right to payment for the work so far completed and the reimbursement of any expenditure or costs incurred.

Law Applicable

30. The present Terms & Conditions are subject to Swiss law. The courts of the Canton of Geneva shall be the only recognised authority for any resulting litigation.


Establishment date: 17.4.08. Only the French version of the present Terms & Conditions are legally binding.

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